The CPG Guys

Active Content Engine Driving SEO with Syndigo’s Mark Detelich & Pat Niersbach

February 12, 2022 Peter V.S. Bond & Sri Rajagopalan Season 1 Episode 176
The CPG Guys
Active Content Engine Driving SEO with Syndigo’s Mark Detelich & Pat Niersbach
Show Notes

The CPG Guys, PVSB and Sri are joined in this episode by Mark Detelich Chief Product Officer and Pat Niersbach SVP of Marketing at Syndigo, the first “active content engine” that enables its customers to rapidly assess and modify content to optimize performance using Syndigo’s unique integration of analytics throughout the entire product lifecycle.

This episode is sponsored by Syndigo.

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Mark & Pat answer these questions:

1) Why is content an important part of omnichannel commerce and why are brands and retailers finding it challenging to manage content at the speed of today’s commerce?
2) How do brands build trust with their retail customers through accurate & complete product data?
3) PIMs, DAMs & MDMs: what are they and how can they create friction in data governance? What is the solution?
4) The product content that appears on retail sites is not natively developed by each retailer, it is sourced from brands through syndication. But every channel has different data requirements, and content changes continually. How does Syndigo help solve for this reality?
5) Engaging experiences are essential to building customer loyalty and winning the sale both online and in-store. Mark, how should brands be focused on enabling this through product data?
6) How do product data analytics and understanding of shopper behavior help improve content that drives conversion?
7) Syndigo has recently revealed a new visual brand identity centered around being the first Active Content Engine that powers the continual flow of data and content throughout the entire commerce ecosystem. Help our audience understand this in the context of everything we have been discussing so far.
8) Why should brands, retailers and distributors of all sizes be invested in active content and how should they get started?

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