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Alcohol eCommerce with Freixenet’s Bryan Melo

August 18, 2021 Peter V.S. Bond & Sri Rajagopalan Season 1 Episode 120
The CPG Guys
Alcohol eCommerce with Freixenet’s Bryan Melo
Show Notes

The CPG Guys, Sri & PVSB, are joined in this episode by Bryan Melo, Senior Director of eCommerce at Freixenet-Mionetto USA, one of the largest sparkling wine companies in the U.S.

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Bryan answers these questions:

1) You previously served in a similar role at Ste. Michelle Wine Estates. Can you give our audience a fundamental understanding of your role & responsibilities at FXMUSA?
2) Given that your product line focuses on sparkling wine, occasion-based usage plays a more prominent role in consumption. How does this play into your strategic activities?
3) You arrived at Freixenet Mionetto USA 7 months after the start of the pandemic and adult beverage consumption had shifted quite dramatically from on-premise to at-home. Looking at the responsibilities you were charged with leading, what was at the top of your list to ensure that your brands would adapt to this new demand model?
4) Alcohol is a highly regulated consumer goods category. Can you share with your audience some of the specific ways you need to navigate the eCommerce marketing funnel given the nature of your business?
5) Retail media is a quickly growing channel for ensuring product awareness on the digital shelf. What types of capabilities are you focused on to invest effectively to win in SEM?
6) How do you approach developing digital resources and capabilities relative to other major alcohol manufacturers that are competing for supporting retailers with a digital shelf, be they marketplaces like Drizly and Instacart or omnichannel players like Total Wine, Albertsons and the like?
7) Specifically in the Beverage Alcohol & eCommerce space, what do you see as the next major area of opportunity?
8) How do you think a post-pandemic return to "normalcy" will impact the eCommerce channel in the next few years?

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