The CPG Guys

Building a Midwest Beverage Business with Top Note's Mary Pellettieri

January 24, 2024 Peter V.S. Bond, Sri Rajagopalan & Bryan Gildenberg Season 1 Episode 354
The CPG Guys
Building a Midwest Beverage Business with Top Note's Mary Pellettieri
Show Notes

The CPG Guys are joined in this episode by Mary Pellettieri, co-founder and CEO of La Pavia Beverage Inc., maker of the Top Note Tonics brand of mid-calorie soft drinks and mixers.

This episode is sponsored by the Cornell Johnson Graduate School of Management "Omnichannel Leadership Program" which is taking place June 10-13, 2024 at Cornell Tech in New York City. To learn more about the program, visit:

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Mary answers these questions:

  1. What inspired you and Noah to start Top Note, and what is the company's mission?
  2. What sets your beverages apart from others in the market?
  3. What major challenges did you face when starting the company, and how did you overcome them?
  4. What trends in the beverage industry do you find most exciting or influential right now?
  5. What role does consumer feedback play in the evolution of your beverages?
  6. Can you discuss any partnerships or collaborations that have been particularly impactful for Top Note?
  7. What strategies do you employ to stay adaptable in a rapidly changing market?
  8. Are there any plans for expanding your product line or entering new markets?

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