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Marketing to After-Hours Shoppers Through Retail Media with Gopuff’s Mike Harp

February 09, 2022 Peter V.S. Bond & Sri Rajagopalan Season 1 Episode 175
The CPG Guys
Marketing to After-Hours Shoppers Through Retail Media with Gopuff’s Mike Harp
Show Notes

The CPG Guys, PVSB and Sri are joined in this episode by Mike Harp, Head of Brand & Agency Partnerships at Gopuff, the go-to solution for immediate everyday needs, fulfilling customer orders in just minutes.

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Mike answers these questions:

1) Before we dive into the more detailed questions, can you give us a quick refresher on Gopuff? What sets you apart, and give us a sense of scale, where’s the company at today?
2) In June of last year, you formally introduced the Gopuff Ad platform. Would you walk us through each of the assets that brands can choose to invest against in reaching Gopuff shoppers, including sponsor product ads & sponsored search ads?
3) How much of your platform is self-serve to the brand and what types of consulting support does your team afford to brands looking to invest in Gopuff Ads?
4) What did the launch of Gopuff Ad Solutions and a self-serve platform enable that working only directly with brands wouldn’t? Are there specific use cases that you can point to that illustrate the value-add? 
5) Would you please walk us through the major campaign reporting metrics you offer to brands? (ROAS, Maximum Spend Value, Max CPC, Aki, etc.) and what do you offer brands seeking to measure true incrementality? How do you advise brands to sequentially invest against your ad platform, you know: first dollar, second dollar, third dollar, and how do you help them do this is an efficient and effective manner?
6) Where has Gopuff been focusing on expanding the advertising solutions for brands and agencies looking to engage Gopuff shoppers?
7) What’s next? Where is Gopuff going?
8) Share how brands are getting ROI and what’s the success of your platform?

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