The CPG Guys

Every Brand Needs to be a Media Company with Wakeup Water's Tyler Dooley

February 23, 2022 Peter V.S. Bond & Sri Rajagopalan Season 1 Episode 179
The CPG Guys
Every Brand Needs to be a Media Company with Wakeup Water's Tyler Dooley
Show Notes

The CPG Guys, PVSB and Sri are joined in this episode by Tyler Dooley, the founder & CEO of Wakeup Water, a purpose-driven health and wellness company that believes your happiness starts with what you put into your body.

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Tyler answers these questions:

1) Your story starts at College of Holy Cross, then you touched finance, logistics and even real estate, eventually founding wakupwater. Decompose this for our audience and tell us how all this came to be.
2) What is the primary mission of wakeupwater and how has fundraising been in these times? What are most investors interested in understanding about your business model?
3) What about supply chain? In these times getting raw material seems to get harder and harder, then there’s manufacturing. How do you manage that for success?
4) You launched DTC - how hard is that for a beverage brand at these price points? What’s the store model & plan?
5) Why is digital commerce a priority for you in these times? How are you working to ensure wakeupwater is ecommerce & omnichannel ready = what are specific initiatives or actions you have taken?
6) How are you focused on building a team and what does your team specifically focus on - is it revenue or capabilities or both? Are their specific functions that are challenging to fill in this employment market?
7) How important is user experience in this journey and how do you help shoppers get that top tier UX? 
8) What’s next for wakeupwater and you? How do you scale this?

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