The CPG Guys

Breakthrough Hair Care Innovation with MYAVANA's Candace Mitchell Harris

March 23, 2022 Peter V.S. Bond & Sri Rajagopalan Season 1 Episode 187
The CPG Guys
Breakthrough Hair Care Innovation with MYAVANA's Candace Mitchell Harris
Show Notes

The CPG Guys, PVSB and Sri are joined in this episode by Candace Mitchell Harris, the founder & CEO of MYAVANA which blends customized haircare recipes + patented technology to support and guide consumers through every phase of their hair care journey.

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Candace answers these questions:

1) Take us through that wonderful career where you and I met at PepsiCo where you were a program manager and reconnected at Revlon as a CEO/founder of myavana? How did you decide to become an entrepreneur?
2) What is the myavana mission and how was it founded? How hard was it to be a solo entrepreneur and how did you go about starting this mission?
3) What are the trials and tribulations of a startup founder? Has it always been rosy? What emotions does one go through?
4) How did covid impact business given social interactions in person dropped significantly. How has it rebounded and where are you headed? How hard is it to be a female POC founder of a brand?
5) Take us through the product portfolio and who should be looking to myavana for solutions? Who is your core consumer?
6) What is the role of digital for myavana? What is eCommerce doing for you? What’s the in store plan? What does the app do?
7) Why would one keep a business membership and how does it benefit them? Who is a hair expert? What’s next for myavana?
8) Who is a Myavana angel? What do they do and how does one become a mayavana angel? How many angels like this exist?

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