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Powering RGM Through Scalable AI Solutions with Carlsberg Group's Silvana Dimitrov & The Math Company's Prajwal Revanasiddappa

April 09, 2022 Peter V.S. Bond & Sri Rajagopalan Season 1 Episode 192
The CPG Guys
Powering RGM Through Scalable AI Solutions with Carlsberg Group's Silvana Dimitrov & The Math Company's Prajwal Revanasiddappa
Show Notes

The CPG Guys, PVSB and Sri are joined in this episode by Silvana Dimitrov, Revenue Management Director at The Carlsberg Group & Prajwal Revanasiddappa, Head of Delivery at TheMathCompany, a modern, hybrid consulting firm that builds custom AI applications for enterprises. Its consulting model addresses pressing gaps in conventional analytics service provider and off-the-shelf product models, including the lack of speed, reusability, and customization.

This is the second of a 2-episode sponsorship by TheMathCompany.

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Silvana & Prajwal answer these questions:

1) Silvana, welcome to the CPG Guys. Can you help our audience understand a little bit about your journey and your role as Director of RGM at Carlsberg? How did you get here?
2) Prajwal, its great to have you here representing TheMathCompany. Please tell us about how you came to work with the Carlsberg Group and the nature of your work supporting their business. 
3) Silvana, You have spent several years with the Carlsberg Group and are an expert in CPG. Why is a Revenue Growth Management suite crucial to CPG organizations? Why did you think TheMathCompany was the right company to help you with your RGM goals?
4) Prajwal, how fast does a client start getting value in the partnership? Take us through the journey of a partnership leveraging your Co.dx solution.
5) Silvana, In your experience as RGM Director, what are some of the pertinent challenges in achieving revenue growth? Why aren't existing solutions able to address these challenges?
6) Prajwal, MathCo. leverages Co.dx, a proprietary AI/ML platform to solve not just business challenges but also organizational or operational gaps that exist today. Can you shed some light on how you do that?
7) Silvana, what are some of the best examples where you have leveraged Co.dx's RGM applications to help you improve margin growth?
8) Prajwal, What is TheMathCompany's approach to tackling RGM effectively?

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