The CPG Guys

Consumer 360 Live! with Walmart's Whitney Cooper

May 21, 2022 Peter V.S. Bond & Sri Rajagopalan Season 1 Episode 201
The CPG Guys
Consumer 360 Live! with Walmart's Whitney Cooper
Show Notes

The CPG Guys, Sri & PVSB, are joined in this episode by Whitney Cooper, Senior Director of Omnichannel Transformation & Commercialization

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This episode is sponsored by NielsenIQ and was recorded on stage at the NielsenIQ Consumer 360 Conference #360

Whitney answers these questions:

1) Whitney, happy to share the stage with you here as the CPGGUYS - you are a repeat guest now of the CPGGUYS with 3 episodes. We are pleased to have just had Seth Dallaire on episode 200 on May 18th later this week. You are 2 episodes away from hitting 5 and getting the special HOF CPGGUYS jacket designed for superstars. You recently got promoted to a new role as Sr Director of transformation and commercialization. Your remit has recently expanded, talk to us about this and commercialization at Walmart? What are the core responsibilities of this role?
2) Its undeniable that the pandemic shaped the future of omnichannel commerce. From your perspective what are the key components playing out over the last 2 years that have helped this acceleration?
3) It seems like retail media is everywhere and every retailer has a platform these days. Why are some platforms more important than others and what are the core components of a successful retail media platform?
4) What is the connection between Take me to Walmart physical and digital when it comes to shoppers? Should CPG brands now pay attention to the store shelf connected closely to the digital shelf? What is the role of content therefore?
5) Retail media and digital advertising - is it all about the lower funnel conversion? Does audience engagement and acquisition triumph conversion?
6) Tell us all about Walmart luminate. Walmart luminate is now starting to touch brands in their every day decision making. What is your advice to brands on how they should be leveraging this incredible capability?

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