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Digital Cartwheels with DIGITS Agency's Dave Glaza

June 01, 2022 Peter V.S. Bond & Sri Rajagopalan Season 1 Episode 205
The CPG Guys
Digital Cartwheels with DIGITS Agency's Dave Glaza
Show Notes

The CPG Guys, PVSB and guest host Andrea Leigh from the #fresh4 and Allume Group are joined in this episode by David Glaza, founder & CEO of DIGITS Agency, a specialty consulting agency. experienced in the strategy and execution of digital coupons, loyalty and personalization programs, bringing digital capabilities to physical stores.

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Dave answers these questions:

1) For the first 9 years of your tenure at Target, you held a series of traditional retail roles in merchandising, planning & operations. Then, in 2012 you moved to a team that would ultimately launch the Cartwheel digital coupon app. Would you walk us through the genesis of Cartwheel and what made it revolutionary?
2) The rise of retail media at omnichannel retailers is explosive. What does this mean for brands and are digitally-native vertical brands necessarily positioned to win in this environment?
3) From your perspective, what do brands need to do to succeed in omnichannel retail from a capabilities & talent perspective?
4) Digits has been able to help its brands outperform the overall market at retailers like target. You recently released some metrics around this. What are those comparative metrics and what do you think were the major drivers?
5) Retail media is not the same suite of offerings across retailers. What are some of the core capabilities and mechanisms that will draw disproportionate investment from brands to specific platforms?
6) What’s next in retail media that you see being appealing to brands looking to grow? Is it all about digital platforms?
7) Digitally-native vertical brands are increasingly turning to brick & mortar to scale their businesses. Is this necessary and for what reasons?
8) The customer experience on major omnichannel grocery retail sites outside of Walmart & Target is still not comparable from a number of perspectives like content and personalization. Do you agree and what do you think needs to change to make the CX better?

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