The CPG Guys

Outcome-Based Customer Journey Marketing with Epsilon's Dan Perez

September 10, 2022 Peter V.S. Bond & Sri Rajagopalan Season 1 Episode 228
The CPG Guys
Outcome-Based Customer Journey Marketing with Epsilon's Dan Perez
Show Notes

The CPG Guys, PVSB and Sri are joined in this episode by Dan Perez, EVP at Epsilon, a global advertising and marketing technology company positioned at the center of Publicis Groupe.  They connect advertisers with consumers to drive performance while respecting and protecting consumer privacy and client data. 

This episode is sponsored by Epsilon.

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Dan answers these questions:

1) Let’s start with your larger enterprise. Publicis group acquired you in 2019. Tell us all about this exciting endeavor and how your clients have benefited from the synergy? And how has the addition of Citrus Ad delivered value?
2) Your latest solution is verified purchase optimization I believe powered on the IRI platform. Does this mean a better analytics engine for optimization, more consumer data in the mix? Why will r squares be better?
3) We’ve also learned that a greater dataset to work with means you are focused on what we can call real time in the moment ad delivery - aka lower funnel activation. Decompose how this is done.
4) let’s talk ROI for your clients. ROAS is a typical Ad metric in our industry but it’s starting to get outdated. In your case though, the ROAS matters because it’s lower funnel activation at the moment of purchase. Is this how you measure success for your clients? What other metrics matter?
5) in today’s inflation indexed world, how can you help brands retain their most loyal customers and keep them from brand switching due to price promotions?
6) what are other capabilities you offer? Data, offsite activations? Give us the repertoire of solutions one can work with Epsilon on?
7) I’d love to understand the anchor for your datasets. Can you give us a feel for the type of data you have? Qual and quant? Please share what types of consumer metrics you have? Also what duration - 104 weeks?
8) how is the world of AI and ML now in the middle of what you do? How do you leverage the power of tech to analyze and forecast?

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