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Scaling Brand Content Creation with It's Rapid's Dave Feinleib

September 17, 2022 Peter V.S. Bond & Sri Rajagopalan Season 1 Episode 229
The CPG Guys
Scaling Brand Content Creation with It's Rapid's Dave Feinleib
Show Notes

The CPG Guys, PVSB and Sri are joined in this episode by Dave Feinleib, Founder & CEO of It's Rapid, a platform that helps its clients scale content creation, while adhering to brand style guidelines that they have established. A special appearance by Bryan Gildenberg, host of The Gildenberg Omnicomment, is made in this episode.

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Dan answers these questions:

1) Dave, you have an incredible professional and educational background: degrees from Cornell & Stanford and work at Microsoft and other companies focused on big data. Nothing screams big data more than images & videos. In 2013, you founded a content analytics company which you sold 6 years later. What was the catalyst for launching It’s Rapid? What was the need that you were trying to solve?
2) As you started to speak with potential clients, what were the content areas in which they needed the most help scaling and how did you think about executing this within a brand’s style guidelines?
3) What's changed when it comes to content and what are the bottlenecks when it comes to creating visual media?
4) Creating content also requires a deep understanding of where that content will appear. You’ve gone so far as to partner with digitally-focused retailers so as to ensure the content you create is compliant with their display requirements. For which channels are you helping your clients develop content?
5) Why is visual media difficult to execute on, what are leading brands doing differently to capture the opportunity and what's possible when you streamline the creation of visual media/visual content?
6) What are the different solutions that It’s Rapid is offering? Are managed services part of the equation? Are you offering any white label solutions for agencies?
7) We’d love for you to share a few examples of how It’s Rapid has enabled scalable content creation and the outcomes that this work has delivered?
8) Where are you looking to enhance the solutions portfolio of It’s Rapid and what is the best way for brands, retailers & agencies to explore working with you?

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