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How to Win in 3P at Scale with Walmart Marketplace's Matthew Smith

October 31, 2022 Peter V.S. Bond & Sri Rajagopalan Season 1 Episode 237
The CPG Guys
How to Win in 3P at Scale with Walmart Marketplace's Matthew Smith
Show Notes

The CPG Guys, PVSB and Sri are joined in this episode by Matthew A. Smith, director, marketplace strategy & business development for food, consumables, health & wellness at Walmart Marketplace, the 3P online seller marketplace at the world’s most elite retailer.

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This episode was recorded at the 2022 Groceryshop conference in Las Vegas, NV

Matt answered these questions:

1) Let's begin with what a third party marketplace is. I know we covered the basics in March 2022, but it would be helpful for so many in our audience working at large brands too who really are from the 1P world. 
2) Let’s dive into who is on marketplaces already. What kind of categories and brands are already in the marketplace. Are there categories that it works better to be on a 3P marketplace?
3) How is Walmart leading brands in understanding this and helping develop brand equity for sellers in this space? 
4) What does partnering with Walmart 3P mean in this space - how do you make it easy and faster for brands to launch and scale here?
5) Take us through all the features and different capabilities of the third party marketplace. What tactics would you recommend for scaled brands vs smaller brands? I.e. small or large brands.
6) How should a brand decide if they go DTC vs come here on the marketplace? What criteria helps them determine where they should go?
7) What media/marketing capabilities do sellers get on the platform and how rich can content get for a listing? Do they get metrics, reports for measuring and optimizing success?
8) What’s next for Walmart’s 3p marketplace? What’s the sneak peek you want to share with our audience?

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