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Building Baskets Through Shoppable Recipes with Grocery Shopii's Katie Hotze

November 02, 2022 Peter V.S. Bond & Sri Rajagopalan Season 1 Episode 238
The CPG Guys
Building Baskets Through Shoppable Recipes with Grocery Shopii's Katie Hotze
Show Notes

The CPG Guys Sri & PVSB are joined in this episode by Katie Hotze, the founder & CEO of Grocery Shopii, a white label application that adds personalized meal planning directly into a grocer’s e-commerce platform.

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Katie answered these questions:

1) You were here on the show Jan 2021 - wow its been 20 odd months since then. Give us the scoop - fundraising during covid, building a team and motivating them, adding clients, just how exactly are things going?
2) Why is recipe based shopping important and who is your target consumer and retail partner?
3) What is the value proposition for a brand to join you on this journey? What content and information do you need from brands to deliver success for them?
4) What is the role of Grocery shopii for retailers? How does a retailer measure success with you? Who are your partners? Give us the scoop of the why and how you are scaling Grocery shopii with retail?
5) Take us through the technology and infrastructure you are building and how it all comes together as user experience for the consumer.
6) Earlier this year, you appeared on the YouTube show “Unicorn Hunters” to pitch your business to a group of investors. Tell us how you Managed to get on the show and why are you considered a “golden unicorn?”
7) Tell us all about partnerships with Grocery shopii. What are next steps once someone decides to be a partner? How soon is the platform and UX up and running and how soon are you measuring results?
8) What is your advice for entrepreneurs who seek to learn and be like you? Can’t exit this episode without you shedding some lights on your live TV experience - tell us about it.

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