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"You Should Smile More" Part I with the Band of Sisters Cie Nicholson & Lori Tauber Marcus

November 26, 2022 Peter V.S. Bond & Sri Rajagopalan Season 1 Episode 245
The CPG Guys
"You Should Smile More" Part I with the Band of Sisters Cie Nicholson & Lori Tauber Marcus
Show Notes

Cie Nicholson & Lori Tauber Marcus, members of The Band of Sisters, join The CPG Guys in this podcast episode to discuss their new book “You Should Smile More: How to Dismantle Gender Bias in the Workplace.” The authors are part of a collective of former PepsiCo female executives that also includes Dawn Hudson, Mitzi Short, Angelique Bellmer Krembs & Katie Lacey.

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Cie & Lori answer these questions:
1) You’ve structured the book into sections that identify spheres where gender inequality often runs amok for professional women and then you provide recommendations on how three different archetypes might respond to these situations. What are each of the three archetypes and their important to addressing these issues?
2) Your book includes a great deal of research supporting your arguments. How did you go about sourcing all of this rich academic material and how did you divide up the responsibilities between each of the contributing authors?
3) While we can’t cover each of the components in each section of the book, we’ll give our audience a flavor of why the book is so important in identifying areas where the inequity exists. With each of these, we’d love you to frame the issue and share how you recommend each archetype address a solution. Let’s start with language. How and why is gender-biased wording, particularly casual language, an unacknowledged way a company maintains institutional inequality?
4) Why does the term used in the name of your book “you should smile more” really not come from a constructive place?
5) Why and how are men disproportionately given credit for great ideas?
6) Should women break into conversations or invite themselves to social events where they were not originally invited?
7) Why should women know their worth and how should they use that knowledge to advance?
8) How does “counting the room” increase the likelihood of success in driving DEI objectives?

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