The CPG Guys

The Retail Media Revolution with NIQ's Jamie Clarke

July 12, 2023 Peter V.S. Bond, Sri Rajagopalan & Bryan Gildenberg Season 1 Episode 299
The CPG Guys
The Retail Media Revolution with NIQ's Jamie Clarke
Show Notes

The CPG GUYS are joined in this episode by Jamie Clarke, head of North American retail at Nielsen IQ, the world’s leading consumer intelligence company.

This episode is sponsored by NielsenIQ.

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Jamie answers the following questions : 

  1. Let's hit the hottest topic in CPG and retail land - our favorite on the cpgguys - retail media 2023. What’s hot off the press from NIQ’s mind? 
  2. Is retail media upper funnel, middle funnel, lower funnel ecommerce or full funnel? 
  3. What tactics do you recommend brands lean on to be successful in great campaigns and ROI? Is search everything? 
  4. What metrics define success here? iRoas? How about the age old impressions? What’s the secret sauce of success? 
  5. What are you seeing in - instore retail media? Is a lobby or endcap or a coupon at the shelf in store retail media? Would an FSI qualify and will it make a come back?
  6. Where is NIQ investing in capabilities to help brands be successful in their retail media endeavors - planning, MMA, or measurement or all of the above - how so?
  7. At cpgguys the last question usually comes back to the future - what future do you see emerging for brands and retail in retail media?

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