The CPG Guys

A Big Gulp of Retail Media with 7-Eleven's Ben Tienor

September 06, 2023 Peter V.S. Bond, Sri Rajagopalan & Bryan Gildenberg Season 1 Episode 313
The CPG Guys
A Big Gulp of Retail Media with 7-Eleven's Ben Tienor
Show Notes

The CPG Guys are joined in this episode by Ben Tienor, Director of Gulp Media Network, the Retail Media division of 7-Eleven which is the world's largest convenience retailer with over 13,000 corporately-owned and franchised stores in North America.

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Ben answers these questions:

1) Would you please highlight a few of the pivotal roles that you think most helped prepare you for your evolution in leading the commercialization of Gulp Media Network?
2) Would you please help dimensionalize Gulp Media Network’s audience reach/ frequency and the underlying customer transaction asset. 7Rewards is a well-established consumer loyalty program as is the 7NOW Delivery platform. I have to imagine these longitudinal data sets are foundations to your audience identification capabilities.
3) What types of advertisers will find Gulp Media Network particularly appealing as marketing channel? Is it all about immediate consumption food & beverages or is it more and why?
4) What are the primary on-site capabilities for advertising that Gulp Media Network is offering and where in the marketing funnel do each of these capabilities typically support consumer engagement?
5) Would you walk us through some of the offsite partnerships that Gulp Media Network has established and the value you see these partners bringing to advertisers seeking to leverage the 7-Eleven’s shopper audience?
6) Performance measurement is critically important for advertisers seeking to justify the sizeable shift in budget from traditional channels like linear TV and print. What is Gulp Media Network making available to your advertisers to help them lean into your offerings?
7) Ben, what news do you have to share with our audience about the continued roadmap for Gulp Media Network that will be of particular interest?
8) What do you see as areas for growth and innovation in retail media that have you excited about the future of this rapidly growing channel?

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