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Digital Influence in the Omnichannel World with Coca-Cola's Walid Benchama

September 09, 2023 Peter V.S. Bond, Sri Rajagopalan & Bryan Gildenberg Season 1 Episode 314
The CPG Guys
Digital Influence in the Omnichannel World with Coca-Cola's Walid Benchama
Show Notes

The CPG Guys are joined in this episode by Walid Benchama, Global Director of Shopper & Channel Insights at the Coca-Cola Company,

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Walid answers these questions:

1)  Walid, your career journeys crosses countries and has both brand management and insights. Take us through the years starting out in Morocco to BIC and now Coke?
2) Tell us about what you think has changed in shopper centric journeys over the last few years? Is the path to purchase now exclusively led by digital? Do
3) What about innovation launches - is the right way digital first for brands?
4) Is today’s consumer experiences in digital engaging and what about in store which is still largely linear?
5) In a world of omnichannel consumers where the digital reach of most brands has exploded in the last 3 years, how are you staying ahead, are there specific suggestions you would give brands?
6) Let’s go to talent. No organization can be successful without the right people and employees. What makes a good insights leader - what is their DNA? How do they focus on growing brands?
7) POS and the checkout experience - why is that largely still not monetized and what tactics can one employ to drive impulse and conversions at POS? 
8) The last question on the cpgguys is always ‘fast forward’ - Where is the practice of insights going? Does AI change everything?

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