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Its All Artificial Intelligence aka AI with WorldQuant Predictive’s Rebecca Matthew & Dr. Thiam Lee

October 04, 2023 Peter V.S. Bond, Sri Rajagopalan & Bryan Gildenberg Season 1 Episode 322
The CPG Guys
Its All Artificial Intelligence aka AI with WorldQuant Predictive’s Rebecca Matthew & Dr. Thiam Lee
Show Notes

The CPG Guys are joined by Rebecca Mathew & Dr. Thiam Lee from WorldQuant Predictive.

This episode is sponsored by WorldQuant Predictive.

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They answer the following questions :
1. Rebecca, the word is everywhere - everyone says words like generative AI, there’s predictive AI, there’s chat GPT. Decompose the word AI for our audience, how long has it been around and what are obvious use cases already in play in the CPG brand world?
2. Thiam, take us through the portfolio of services in this space WQP has and who should be connecting with WQP to manage their brand for growth equity?
3.  Rebecca, AI providers are now several in the industry. Can you share why the brand world should connect with you - what’s your differentiator vs others?
4.  Thiam, what has changed with technology in the world that allows for this sort of computational excellence by WQP to deliver AI based intelligence to brands? What makes you feel this will sustain and it’s not a fad?
5. Rebecca, give us an example of a case study of how WQP has impacted brand equity and growth? How can this example be applied to challenger brands that are seeking to grow their distribution channels?
6. Thiam, how has covid and the wild data streams that have emerged and rocked historical norms only challenged the analytics world even more than before? Why AI now or never?
7. Rebecca, as head of customer success, take us through how an engagement works with WQP - is it a few weeks, months, what outputs can brands expect? How do you measure success for brands you support? What makes a successful engagement?
8. Thiam - the last question on cpgguys is always called fast forward - keeping that spirit, what data and trends are you focused on? How is this going to make AI even more relevant for brands?

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