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Mobile Platform Leadership in an Omnichannel World with InMobi’s Kunal Nagpal

October 21, 2023 Peter V.S. Bond, Sri Rajagopalan & Bryan Gildenberg Season 1 Episode 327
The CPG Guys
Mobile Platform Leadership in an Omnichannel World with InMobi’s Kunal Nagpal
Show Notes

The CPGGUYS are joined by Kunal Nagpal, who serves as Chief Business Officer at InMobi, responsible for global business strategy, product management, enterprise partnerships and client success on the sell side. InMobi Exchange is a marketplace for buying and selling advertisements across apps that work with InMobi and Meson, a true publisher-first mediation platform was launched in 2022. Under Nagpal’s leadership, InMobi Exchange became the second largest in-app exchange platform in the industry and has seen year-over-year growth of 39 percent in 2022.

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Kunal answers the following questions :

1. What are the main mobile market trends and emerging technologies that InMobi is closely monitoring or investing in?

2. How does InMobi differentiate itself from its competitors in the mobile advertising space? Whats your mojo? Why should brands pay attention?

3. How does InMobi approach customer acquisition and retention in such a dynamic and competitive industry?

4. How does InMobi address issues related to data privacy and security, especially in light of evolving regulations?

5. You are an app-focused company and perhaps the only one at this scale and reach to work with a diverse set of advertisers. Is this an opportunistic play executed well or is this some sort of a strategic advantage 

6. Can you share insights into InMobi's approach to innovation and product development?

7. While on innovation, what is InMobi’s take on Retail Media Networks (RMN) that seem to be getting a lot of attention and interest from clients, especially large CPG players? How do those fit into your own strategy? 

8. Thinking of a different take on them, do you think RMNs are a high ROI sandbox within the open programmatic ecosystem or are they a version of a walled garden that interplays well with the open ecosystem?

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