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Generating Insights from Consumer Reviews Through AI Tools with Yogi’s Gautam Kanumuru

October 28, 2023 Peter V.S. Bond, Sri Rajagopalan & Bryan Gildenberg Season 1 Episode 329
The CPG Guys
Generating Insights from Consumer Reviews Through AI Tools with Yogi’s Gautam Kanumuru
Show Notes

The CPGGUYS are joined in this episode by Gautam Kanumuru, founder & CEO of Yogi. Updated in real-time, Yogi's easy-to-use AI-powered platform enables you to always make the right decision quickly and confidently.” So we have the CPGGUYS famous power word of 2023 to discuss today AI or artificial intelligence.

This episode is sponsored by Yogi.

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Gautam answers the following questions : 

  1. Your own career as I mentioned has NASA, Microsoft, and rich AI skillsets. Take us through the years and how Yogi was founder in 2018.
  2. Yogi of course is powered and anchored on AI - what does this mean for consumers and shoppers. Take us through what this means to you. Decompose why Natural Language Processing solves the problem of extracting meaningful insights at scale from user-generated content?
  3. What are Yogi’s detailed services and how does one get started in partnership.
  4. Here on the CPG GUYS we have believed user generated content is still a core driver of SEO. Do you agree, and if so how can Yogi influence that?
  5. Is reviews data a strategic data asset for brands - explain why this is still not leveraged by the industry and how can Yogi help?
  6. What is your relationship with retailers and how does a typical engagement with Yogi look like for a brand? Are there insights provided and guides to make subsequent changes?
  7. What about competitive intelligence from reviews? If the data set is scaled and Yogi provides comprehensive data - the insights from competitive reviews has to be solid - take us through the reality of this.
  8. Looking to the future Gautam, what’s next for Yogi - how does your platform evolve and what can brands plan to expect from you?

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