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Omnichannel Digital Leadership with Ahold Delhaize's Tonya Herring

November 04, 2023 Peter V.S. Bond, Sri Rajagopalan & Bryan Gildenberg Season 1 Episode 331
The CPG Guys
Omnichannel Digital Leadership with Ahold Delhaize's Tonya Herring
Show Notes

It’s women's month on the CPGGGUYS. Every year in November we feature only female executives, startup founders and leaders from CPG brands and retail on the podcast. This is episode one for the cpg guys women’s month 2023.

We’re happy to be formal sponsors of NextUp whose mission is to advance all women in business. We are giving away memberships to this prestigious network and organization so drop us a line at to learn more and take advantage of what NextUp has to offer.

The CPGGUYS welcome Tonya Herring, SVP of Omnichannel Merchandising at Peapod labs, the digital division of Ahold Delhaize. Tonya also serves on the board of NextUp.

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Here's what we asked Tonya : 

  1. Take us through your career journey from starting your career in retail over the last couple decades to merchandising leadership to omnichannel leadership?
  2. What leadership attributes have served you well over the years and championed your career success?
  3. A successful leader builds a good team around them. What do you look for in a team and how do you help build teams?
  4. It's an omnichannel world - how did you adapt over the pandemic and stay abreast of these trends?
  5. Talk to us about your involvement over the years with Nextup and advancing all women in business and now as a board member what are you personally focused on?
  6. Business has changed again over the last 6 months, how are you adapting to driving  omnichannel demand and consumption again?
  7. The role you have in digital leadership means you have to influence your peers and other senior leaders at ADUSA as well as your vendors. How do you help drive this to deliver for your customers?
  8. What advice do you have for other women wishing to pursue a corporate career in the CPG/Retail industry?

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