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Live from Groceryshop with Coca-Cola's Simon Miles

December 06, 2023 Peter V.S. Bond, Sri Rajagopalan & Bryan Gildenberg Season 1 Episode 340
The CPG Guys
Live from Groceryshop with Coca-Cola's Simon Miles
Show Notes

Simon Miles, VP of Global Omnichannel Customer Platforms at the Coca-Cola Company joins the CPG Guys in conversation at the recent Groceryshop industry conference in Las Vegas Nevada.

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Simon answers these questions:

  1. Retail media is a fast changing landscape and finally we have IAB talk to standards? Would love to get your opinion on the reality of standards - is this good and realistic?
  2. Data has become a monetized platform for retailers. Some scaled data represents consumer habits, some is very retail centric movement, kinda making the syndicated data world less relevant. What’s your thought on retail centric data that now is all over the industry?
  3. Retail media proliferation - again everyone has a platform, and even in store is now a part of retail media. Do you see this continuing or will there be consolidation - surely brands cannot be shaping strategies on media with 50 retail media engines and retailers?
  4. Talent - simply put what makes a good digital or omnichannel leader. Both Sri and you come from the brick & mortar world and adapted to digital and go back and forth all the time. What’s the mojo?
  5. Take us through your thoughts on planning as it relates to commercial strategy - when annual plans are built do they have to now be built for retail through an omnichannel lens, or is brick & mortar driving it and digital is a bolt on to cover the gaps?
  6. Metrics that matter - give us your views on what metrics matter in the digital world, for eg does content scorecards 10 years into measuring it even many anything?
  7. How is Coca-Cola evolving in how it collaborates with retail customers around omnichannel and is digital a core component of the joint business planning process?
  8. The last question on the CPGGUYS episodes is always fast forward - what’s next for you and for what you do in role at Coca-Cola? What trends are you following that you think are non - negotiable for our industry?

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