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AI-Powered Automation for Operations with iOPEX's Shiva Ramani - did we say retail media ops?

January 13, 2024 Peter V.S. Bond, Sri Rajagopalan & Bryan Gildenberg Season 1 Episode 351
The CPG Guys
AI-Powered Automation for Operations with iOPEX's Shiva Ramani - did we say retail media ops?
Show Notes

The CPG Guys welcome Shiva Ramani, CEO at iOPEX Technologies, a new-generation business solutions provider offering optimized management and Automation services. Founded in 2009, the demand for their specialized optimization solutions has helped them grow to over 1,800 employees in ten years.

But wait, they are actively the white label managed services provider for retail media publishers!!!! 

This episode is sponsored by IOPEX Technologies.

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Here's what we asked Shiva: 

  1. What inspired you to start iOPEX - what unmet need did you build services for, and what is your vision for the company's future?
  2. How does iOPEX differentiate itself from competitors in the industry and what are the key values or principles that guide iOPEX's business operations and relationship?
  3. In what ways does iOPEX adapt to the changing landscape of technology and business services?
  4. Could you share a recent success story or significant milestone that iOPEX has achieved?
  5. What are the biggest challenges you see facing the cpg industry, and how is iOPEX positioned to address them?
  6. Therefore what’s your take on retail media and what do you have cooking in this space?
  7. How does iOPEX prioritize and ensure quality and customer satisfaction in its services? 

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