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Affordable Last Mile Groceries Delivery with Buncha's Bharat Pulgam

March 13, 2024 Peter V.S. Bond, Sri Rajagopalan & Bryan Gildenberg Season 1 Episode 363
The CPG Guys
Affordable Last Mile Groceries Delivery with Buncha's Bharat Pulgam
Show Notes

The CPG Guys are joined in this episodee by Bharat Pulgam, Founder & CEO of Buncha, a last-mile technology company that uses W2 shoppers and refrigerated vehicles
to provide best in class service. With a unique batching system, Buncha is able to work with retailers to maximize deliveries in a reliable and efficient manner. What sets Buncha apart is commitment to quality, ensuring customer satisfaction in every interaction.

This episode is sponsored by Buncha.

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Bharat answered these questions:

  1. Much like how the CPG Guys started, the onset of the pandemic is the catalyst for the Buncha origin story. Please share it with us and I would mention that this is not your first startup is it?
  2. Many of the immediate delivery services are modeled using gig workers for the last mile delivery. Buncha took a different approach. What is that and why is it proving to be a major differentiator for Buncha? How does that value vs. urgency equation play a role here?
  3. You advertise that Buncha's delivery costs are 20% cheaper than competitive offerings. At a high level, please walk us through the financial model that underpins this, especially given that you have W2 employees.
  4. What is the customer experience in utilizing Buncha. Do they need to shop through your branded app, do you reside inside retailer apps as a delivery option? What's the deal?
  5. What is the value proposition for retailers that might want to partner with Buncha as a delivery mechanism and how are you able to represent their real-time assortment in your app environment?
  6. How are you targeting markets and through what marketing efforts are you cost-effectively acquiring new customers? 
  7. Are there currently or future plans to make your platform available for brands to engage consumers.
  8. What are the last mile delivery trends you see developing in tis industry over the next few years that you expect will fuel Buncha's success?

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