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DTC Shipping & Fulfillment SaaS with ShipHero's Aaron Rubin

March 18, 2021 Season 1 Episode 78
The CPG Guys
DTC Shipping & Fulfillment SaaS with ShipHero's Aaron Rubin
Show Notes

The CPG Guys Sri & PVSB welcome to this episode Aaron Rubin the founder and CEO of ShipHero, a SaaS solution to help eCommerce DTC sellers with fulfillment & shipping. 

Aaron got tired of eCommerce shipping software that sucked. So in 2013, he and his co-founder decided to do something about it and ShipHero was born. We know what it’s like to run a warehouse or outsource fulfillment. They’re building the tools to make it easier to ship eCommerce.

Aaron talks with Sri & PVSB about these topics:

  1. You launched a martial arts web based jiu jitsu ecosystem, then Shiphero in 2013. How does one go from martial arts and leadership there to a software logistics company for eCommerce? What’s the real story here?
  2. With the rise of eCommerce in covid, digital sales are surround sound. You run and advertise a logistics optimization platform across the board - true? What unmet industry need does it fulfill? What are the client verticals you service and what are the specific solutions you’ve developed?
  3. How does the shipping component work given it focuses on cost reduction for shipping? Do you have a network of suppliers you work and constantly optimize? You are also backed up with a network of 7 + warehouses growing I’m sure. How do you balance software and fulfillment?
  4. Since you are also a WMS - who is your competition, and how are you differentiated from others - let’s say enterprise providers like SAP? Do you have the ability to bolt on and work with EMS software? Is there a minimum commitment a brand has to make?
  5. Success is dependent on a client’s ability to measure the performance of your solutions. Would you tell us about the analytics included in your platform? Brand have huge issues on fulfillment costs in DTC since they don’t have the experience. Why is your fulfillment attractive to them?
  6. Let’s say a DTC brand has outsourced fulfillment services to a 3PL provider. What role do you then play? If they partner with you directly, do you co-pack, do multipacks, inserts, ad collateral? Does each one have a cost on its own? How about boxing or packing? 
  7. With the meteoric rise of business for brands at WMT, TGT, - especially click & collect : what role will ShipHero have there? Have you considered being an agent for retailers for home delivery?
  8. What advice would you give brands wanting to get into DTC? Can large brands explore this space without breaking the bank? What is your learning and coaching in this space? How long does it take to get setup with ShipHero?

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