The CPG Guys

Retail Rank Punditry with Morning News Beat's Kevin Coupe

July 07, 2021 Peter V.S. Bond & Sri Rajagopalan Season 1 Episode 108
The CPG Guys
Retail Rank Punditry with Morning News Beat's Kevin Coupe
Show Notes

The CPG Guys, Sri & PVSB, are joined in this episode by Kevin Coupe, renowned author and also editor of Morning News Beat, Kevin Coupe.

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Kevin answers these questions:

1) Many people are focused on what appears to be an end in sight for the pandemic. Should retailers and brands be focused on the immediate future of their YoY performance vs the turbulent 2020 or is 2022 the place to focus and why?

2) Kroger recently held an investor day event. From our perspective, the overt message was very clear: they intend to dominate the growing retail media market. What are your thoughts on retail media in general?

3) I know we’re a little off topic from CPG retail, but I would love your thoughts on how this renewal applies to the industry we are following?

4) A few questions for you: 1) do you see Instacart as the predominant challenge to Amazon in the near future and 2) for regional/local grocery retailers, is this marketplace their ecommerce strategy for the foreseeable future or are any of them other than the big 5-10 grocery retailers willing to invest in building their own digital CX on the path to purchase?

5) as brands get more engaged in supporting retailer eCommerce activities, they face all sorts of new fees in their business dealings. Are these just the online version of chargebacks and something the brands just need to accept as fact? 

6) Amazon appeared to skip a beat during the pandemic and really didn’t leverage the rapid adoption of eCommerce to significantly grow its Fresh delivery business the way that Instacart and Walmart did their businesses. What are your thoughts on this and what is the future for Whole Foods in the Amazon picture?

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