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Digital Shelf Analytics with e.fundamental's John Maltman

September 08, 2021 Peter V.S. Bond & Sri Rajagopalan Season 1 Episode 126
The CPG Guys
Digital Shelf Analytics with e.fundamental's John Maltman
Show Notes

The CPG Guys, Sri & PVSB, are joined in this episode by John Maltman, founder & CEO of e.fundamentals which helps CPG brands unlock eCommerce growth by transforming the knowledge, decision making & agility of brands online through actionable data and expert-led digital commerce insights.

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John answers these questions:

1) We’d love to hear about your journey to founding e.fundamentals. You have some tremendous experience in both CPG and retail with nearly a decade at P&G, consulting credentials at Glendinning, more CPG work at PepsiCo, retail work at ASDA and customer data experience at EYC, the precursor to Symphony Retail among your professional highlights. 6 years ago, you decided to found e.fundamentals. 
2) What are some key areas that you are recommending to your clients to explore on the digital roadmap to success, making bricks and clicks add up?
3) A company’s success in eCommerce is only as good as the team activating against it. What skills does an effective eCommerce team need to develop in order to win in this space?
4) Here in North America, the pandemic has transformed the Instacart marketplace platform into a powerful demand aggregator that brands are struggling to tackle. What do brands need to get right in search and ensure their products get into Instacart baskets to help them succeed on Instacart?
5) Walmart is another major competitor in Grocery eCommerce. What is your POV on their strategy to win in Grocery by reaching shoppers? Does their physical store presence present an advantage to Walmart in this pursuit?
6) How do you advise brands to optimize their assortment on the digital shelf and what are some fundamental differences from physical shelf category management?
7) How is e.fundamentals helping to automate digital shelf analytics for its clients and drive success in enabling brand strategies?
8) As we emerge from the transformative period of the pandemic, what are the key aspects of omnichannel grocery that you are closely monitoring and do you have any leading indicators to share with our audience?

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