The CPG Guys

The eCommerce Maturity Curve with Christina Vail

September 22, 2021 Peter V.S. Bond & Sri Rajagopalan Season 1 Episode 131
The CPG Guys
The eCommerce Maturity Curve with Christina Vail
Show Notes

The CPG Guys, Sri & PVSB, are joined in this episode by Christina Vail, Director of Client Strategy.

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Chrstina answers these questions:

1) What was the impetus to create this research? What were you witnessing in your conversations with clients trying to align to the demand of the evolving omnichannel world?
2) In your report, you identify in great detail something you call the eCommerce maturity curve. Would you walk us through this construct and how you see it helping CPG companies navigate the right structure and strategy for success?
3) Having a plan does not guarantee success in organizational transformation. Your study  prominently recommends that leaders actually evangelize about about the process. In fact, it is the first of six stages you identify. It begins with self-assessment. What is involved in the assessment stage and how do you ensure that leadership is thoughtful about their commitment to the necessary change?
4) The next stage you identify is around education. What does this involve and how do you bring along the rest of the organization in the transformational journey? 
5) People need to start getting their hands dirty in eCommerce. What happens in this Merchandise stage?
6) CPG manufacturers won’t commit to this process without growth components. At some point, It should be clear that eCommerce is poised to become a long-term source of demand, consistently accounting for a mid-single-digit percentage of annual sales (or more).  As demand has begun to outstrip the capabilities of a smaller embedded team, what must the organization do next?
7) When eCommerce starts hitting double digit share of revenue, senior leadership is  fully supportive and is actively funneling innovation into this channel. How does the empowerment stage play into success?
8) The final stage of the process you identify is integration of eCommerce into the very DNA of the organization. When does this happen?

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