The CPG Guys

Into the Tank with Dude Products' Sean Riley

December 08, 2021 Peter V.S. Bond & Sri Rajagopalan Season 1 Episode 153
The CPG Guys
Into the Tank with Dude Products' Sean Riley
Show Notes

The CPG Guys, Sri & PVSB, are joined in this episode by Sean Riley, co-founder and Chief Executive Dude of Dude products.

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Sean answers these questions:

1)  Your story starts at Illinois State and self proclaimed to have consumed 1 million beer, how was dude wipes born?
2) In these socially aware times, how hard it to make and market / sell a dude focused brand? How do you set a marketing tone that does not exclude? Are there any structural challenges you face others don’t see?
3) What is the secret of scaling Dude wipes to these #’s of $40 MM? Was it one customer at a time?
4) DTC - it seems every brand is focused on delivering some sort of direct partnership with the consumer especially if subscription oriented. How are you focused on it? What advice do you have for others in the DTC space
5) How did you go about building a team and how did you personally train them on creating this brand and scaling it?
6) Has supply chain or delivery constrained your growth in 2021? If not, what makes you different from other brands?
7) Let's get the 101 and 202 on your Shark tank visits? How as that and what can you pass back to budding entrepreneurs
8) Whats next for DUDE wipes? What about the portfolio?

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