The CPG Guys

Pivoting Through Career Reinvention with Career Club's Bob Goodwin

December 18, 2021 Peter V.S. Bond & Sri Rajagopalan Season 1 Episode 156
The CPG Guys
Pivoting Through Career Reinvention with Career Club's Bob Goodwin
Show Notes

The CPG Guys, Sri & PVSB, are joined in this episode by Bob Goodwin, the founder of Career Club, which provides career coaching, an online job search course, and a CRM platform to organize professional network and job search activities. 

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Bob answers these questions:

1)  Bob, why don’t you start by giving us the back story of how you developed a passion for helping people like me with reinventing their careers and then turned that into Career Club?
2) Based on all of your interactions with job seekers, what are the core 2 or 3 activities you recommend they do to prepare themselves to succeed in finding a new and better job and where do they often find the most trouble adapting to their situation?
3) “The great resignation” is all over the news these days as people decide to leave the jobs and career trajectories they had been on for years? What are your thoughts on this phenomenon and the opportunities it presents?
4) How do our convictions, what we truly believe about ourselves, greatly influence the choices we make, the clarity we have on what we want (and don’t want), and the confidence we bring to our work everyday?
5) When you created Career Club, you wanted to create something fundamentally different than the resume editors or career coaches that you see advertised all over LinkedIn. Help us understand what you are building at Career Club and why mid-career professionals should find it meaningful?
6) You have an upcoming eBook titled “Making Your Own Weather.” What advice are you looking to impart upon Job Seekers in this eBook?
7) The pandemic brought about substantial transformation in the retail/CPG industry. What do job seekers need to focus on in finding the right opportunity when all the rules are being upended and the skills needed to succeed appear to be changing on a daily basis?
8) What is Netwasting and how does clarity in your job search unlock your ability to find the job that will let you succeed?

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